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Steve Freeman : There was drinking and I was nervous’: Passenger reveals how ‘drunk’ woman in her 40s sitting in first class REFUSED every mask given to her on London-bound American Airlines flight before she got ‘abusive’ and plane turned back to Miami 1, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter

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Passengers on the London-bound American Airlines flight that returned to Miami on Wednesday night after a woman refused to wear a face mask say the first-class traveler appeared to be intoxicated and abused flight crew who he begged the high-paying customer to follow them. federal protocols .

“There was a lot of alcohol involved and I was nervous,” Steve Freeman, who was a ringside witness to the incident, told WPLG on Thursday.

“She sat behind us in first class, she was a first class passenger and she was extremely abusive to to stewards.”

The flight attendant offered the unidentified passenger different types of masks , but to no avail.

“She tried a lot of different masks, she complained about every mask,” Freeman said.

The standoff forced Flight 38, which had been in the air for about an hour, to back down because a “disruptive customer refused to comply with federal mask requirement,” the FAA said.

Freeman, who was traveling with his wife home to London, insisted the decision to change the flight was not due to the mask alone, but rather the way e treated the cabin crew.

He said the delegates made several attempts to get the woman to follow the protocols.

“We almost felt that something was going to happen. I could see the writing on the wall: he was given a lot of warnings, wo we were ready for that,’ he recalled.

It wasn’t just about the mask. It was abusive behavior.

American Airlines flight bound for London returns to Miami and…

He was surprised that the woman was not detained and said, “I don’t see what else could constitute grounds of arrest.”

Miami-Dade police boarded the plane after it returned to the airport and took her away, but the unruly passenger was not arrested, unlike hundreds of other passengers who have been handcuffed since federal deck laws were implemented facials.

A police spokesman said the first-class passenger was “administratively” treated by American Airlines staff, which involved her being placed on the airline’s no-fly list pending further investigation. First  class fares on Americans range from $5,000 to $9,000.

Her actions caused logistical headaches for the Freemans and the 127 other passengers aboard the flight, many of whom were stranded in Miami after the transatlantic flight was cancelled

Many passengers had to stay overnight to catch a flight booked on Thursday.

‘I saw a mother with a small child. There was an older lady. There was a girl traveling alone,” said Teresa Freeman, Steven’s wife.

‘There were so many people in distress last night. ‘

Quick Facts:

  • Passengers on the London-bound American Airlines flight that returned back to Miami claim the unruly traveler appeared to be drunk and ‘abusive’ towards staff
  • Steve Freeman, who sat in front of the woman in first class, said she ‘tried loads of different masks, complained about each mask’
  • He said the stewards also gave the woman ‘a lot of warnings’ but her ‘extremely abusive behavior’ continued
  • Although the airline claimed it canceled the flight because of her refusal to wear a mask, Freeman thinks it had more to her aggressive actions
  • He was also stunned the woman was not placed in custody, saying: ‘I can’t see what more would constitute grounds for arrest’  @

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