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The Next Big Digital Marketing Trends

As a search engine, Google has a market share of nearly 92 percent, with its nearest rival being Bing at just 3 percent. There are also 3.5 billion Google searches every day, making the search engine a slam dunk of a position to be in when it comes to determining what customers see. For many marketers, Google search is the place to be to get your content seen by customers. Securing a place on Google’s first SERP, or even better, ranking in the top spot, means that millions of eyes could potentially see your brand.

The morning and night routines trend exemplifies YouTube storytelling. However, unlike other forms of stories on YouTube, morning and night routines videos tend to center around daily rituals. Since its inception in February 2005, YouTube has grown exponentially to become the giant platform it is today. What started with a single, 18-seconds video called, “Me at the Zoo,” has developed to become the second most popular website, after Google.

I&C publishes tutorials, articles, and how-to guides on a range of topics including fashion trends and style advice, health and beauty tips, home decorating and entertaining, travel guides, and special event coverage. Companies such as MUD Jeans, which is based in the Netherlands employ a leasing scheme for jeans. This Dutch company “represents a new consuming philosophy that is about using instead of owning,” according to MUD’s website.

Aim to create videos that keep consumers engaged on YouTube longer. Ideally, you should create videos that are watched past the 15second mark. Video marketing is on the rise, as more and more marketers seek to reap its benefits. In fact, HubSpot’s State of Inbound study found that 45% of marketers are spending more on YouTube marketing than any other channel . The influx of marketers to YouTube means that to see success, you need more than your creative video recording skills and recommended video editing software. Brands related to meditation, mental health, wellness, and therapy should type into the hype around ASMR videos.

This includes spices like turmeric, which are traditionally used in ethnic dishes, as well as packaged foods from and inspired by other countries. Found in the supermarket’s refrigerated or frozen section, these prepared meals are tastier and more nutritious than those of the past as well . Capitalizing on another trend, many are plant-based, like Freshly’s Purely Plant meals and those from Factor 75. Frozen straight-to-your-door picks include Mosaic Foods and Daily Harvest. Along with alcohol-free drinks, beverages that claim to do more than just quench your thirst are on the rise, per the Whole Foods report.

Her feed is full of photos of places she’s been to, commonly taken using a film camera. Her classic aesthetics, fashion sense, and aspirational lifestyle made her an influential figure in Taiwan. If you don’t set dates or a lifetime budget, your ad will run indefinitely on the daily budget you allocate. The individual metrics you track on Instagram will vary depending on your goals, but you should always keep an eye on engagement and your number of followers over time. If you’re posting valuable content, your account will steadily gain followers and engagement. While your Instagram feed should feature polished photos, Stories can be a little more experimental.

Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. The squat pose has been everywhere on IG, and everyone from celebs to influencers to your BFF is doing it. It couldn’t be easier to do this viral pose; just squat, and have your friend or tripod handy for a quick pic. Just like the name implies, you’ll need a small mirror to do this Instagram pose. A small tabletop mirror, handheld mirror, or even the side mirror of a car all work perfectly. All you have to do is snap a selfie of you looking into the mirror and you’re done.

Feathery tops and dresses that are perfect for date nights, hitting the town with your BFFs, or taking solo mirror pics at home (just me?). These pieces are surprisingly wearable, though, so don’t be nervous to give ’em a try. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. With increasing environmental awareness, the economic imperative to “Spend now, think later” is getting increasingly scrutinized.

Including compelling stories in your captions can make your brand more relatable. Creating an editorial calendar can help you save time and manage your Instagram presence. Fill in your calendar with some Instagram post types and plan your captions, hashtags, and posting times in advance.

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