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Thomas Fosbrook : A promise of love and affection, two years of hell trapped in an eighth-floor flat at the hands of a drugged-up thug… now Holly and her kids are free Wiki, Bio

Thomas Fosbrook

Thomas Fosbrook Wiki

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Who is Thomas Fosbrook ?

A ‘narcasista’ bully who confined his girlfriend to his eighth floor apartment and threatened to ‘gut’ her unborn baby during a fight has been jailed for three years.

Thomas Fosbrook, 33, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, embarked on a two-year campaign to control the movements of 23-year-old Holly Jepson, whom he met at work, and then set out to isolate her from the family, friends and the ‘outside world’. .

The restaurant’s chef removed all the interior doors to her 8th-floor tower apartment so she would have no privacy, and even painted the windows so that no one could see inside.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard that Fosbrook changed the intercom system so that Miss Jepson would not let anyone in and every time they left her she kept a hammer in her eldest son’s stroller in case she will challenge it.

Ms. Jepson said that she “suffered selfish and narcissistic abuse” and even considered taking her own life.

Thomas Fosbrook, 33, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, embarked on a two-year campaign to control the movements of his work colleague Holly Jepson, 23, (pictured) after he cut her off from family, friends and the 'outside world'

Fosbrook had prior convictions for domestic violence in 2012 and drug traffiking in May and November 2015.

She also has crimes on her record, assault in 2006 and common assault in 2006, 2007 and 2012.

The couple met in January 2019 while working together in the kitchens of a restaurant and moved together into an apartment in the name of Fosbrook’s father.

During her abusive relationship, Fosbrook took control of Miss Jepson’s finances and deliberately slept on the side of the bed closest to the open door frame in case she tried to leave him.

‘We got thrown under a bus’: Fury in Sheffield and …Miss Jepson had to resort to obtaining supplies from the food banks, as he wasted all of her money on drugs and, while she was pregnant with her second child, she vowed to “gut” the fetus during a Fight.

She finally escaped after she sent an emergency clandestine email to her mother and her police rescued her from her spartan apartment of hers in the Lancashire Hill area of ​​Stockport, Greater Manchester in May of this year. .

A judge said he treated Holly as ‘nothing more than an object to satisfy [his hers] demands of her’

In a statement, the victim who was left with £ 1,400 debts said: “ I always find misery and pain when I think about what he has put my children and me through.

He makes me feel so stupid and naive and I wish I was one step ahead of him. The fact is, it didn’t take long for me to fall deeply in love with him. He targeted me and controlled me because he was young.

Quick Facts

  • Thug confined girlfriend to eighth-floor flat and threatened to kill unborn baby
  • Thomas Fosbrook, 33, obsessed with controlling work colleague Holly Jepson 
  • Restaurant chef made Miss Jepson remove her dental braces with a pair of pliers
  • ‘Narcassist’ Fosbrook jailed for three years after he admitted coercive behaviour
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