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Thrifty : Mother who bulk buys reduced produce that’s close to its sell-by date reveals she saved £1,000 by snapping up enough meat to last her family a YEAR, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Marketing


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A savvy mum has shared her cut-price shopping tips after bulk buying so much reduced meat she has enough to feed her family-of-four for the rest of the year. .

Lindzi Bebbington-Colbourne, 47, saved more than £ 1,000 when she bought food close to its use by date – but the mum of three has five freezers to store her bargain buys that will last untill next Christmas.

On Boxing day, she spent £ 200 on food worth more than £ 750, and again on New Year’s Eve to snap up £ 250 of produce for just £ 89.

The police officer from Lincolnshire, has been buying reduced food for years and shares her tips online to help other families on a budget.

Raised in a poor household, Lindzi said she knows the value of a bargain and the importance of not allowing food to got to waste.

Lindzi said, “I know what it feels like to be hungry as a child and I thank my childhood for my bargain hunting ethic.”

‘I buy good quality food at reduced prices and freezing my purchases allows me to get a bargain now and save money in the long run.

‘Saving money is a huge thrill for me and I love watching other people get bargains too.

‘The price of life has skyrocketed, so I like to encourage people to save where they can, and you can save money on your food purchases.

Lindzi went shopping twice between Christmas and New Years and found a stash of meats and festive treats.

On Valentine’s Day, she spent £ 200 and bought food that originally cost more than £ 750, including individual turkeys to feed 16 people.

She said: “My annual tradition on Boxing Day is to buy reduced food in bulk.”

“It was a 50 per cent discount on all refrigerated items, which should have been £ 323 and I paid £ 159.

“Then I bought four huge turkeys that originally cost between £ 85 and £ 100 each.”

“Whole turkeys were £ 7.50 and crowns were half the original price and then 50 per cent off again.”

“The turkeys should have cost £ 441.95, but i got four turkeys and two crowns for £ 50.”

Lindzi also bought chicken breasts, hot dogs, cakes, cheese, and meat-filled pies and said he can freeze just about anything.

Quick Facts

  •  Lindzi, 47, from Lincolnshire has been bargain hunting in supermarkets for years
  • She has five freezers and 10 slow cookers filled with fresh produce and meat 
  •  The thrifty shopper buys cheap festive food between Christmas and New Year
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