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TOP 10 Instagram Marketing Trends in 2022

For this reason, short-form video is redefining music discovery. Additionally, music experiences will increase on non-traditional music platforms like Instagram. Twitter’s new Super Follow option allows high-profile brands and individuals to monetize their following. Along those lines, Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces also allows influencers to collect revenue. They can host workshops, virtual meet-and-greets and other live events. Savvy marketers will be “trendjacking” to capitalize on the platform’s influence among younger consumers.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow companies to display ads in the shopping tab. As soon as users try to swipe and search for a song, Instagram, like other music apps, will serve them a list of songs bearing the name they are looking for. Clicking on the audio option gives users the ability to search for reels by song.

Currently, Instagram allows only over 10k followers and verified profiles to add links to their Stories. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. For brands that don’t want to pay for including links to their captions, they can add a clickable link in their Insta bio with a simple link in bio tools like FeedLink to do the job instead of them. It is a win-win situation for both users who want a fast buying experience and brands and influencers that want to monetize from their IGTV channel. At first, it seems no big deal, but on second thought, this feature might be a game-changer in how people will use Instagram and, therefore, how creators, brands, and marketers respond to this new usage. This new update can be useful for brands operating in global markets. Now, Instagram users all around the globe can translate and understand the written text in the Instagram stories of their favorite brands.

We know that users are going to stop to look at a chart or graph. Another major business software that’s regularly incorporated inclusive visuals is Trello. Here’s the homepage with a host of diverse people illustrations. By being more representative, brands can reach audiences that they hadn’t catered to before.

Overall, you’ll want to go beyond the quirky, “just because” aspects of AR — and start looking for ways to use it to truly enhance your customer’s experience with your brand. With actual user-generated content, the authenticity is immediately recognizable. While text-based online reviews can easily be faked, the same can’t be said for content created by the customer on their own social channels. A key part of effective personalization on social media is attention to engagement history and context. Brands are also seeking to personalize (and “humanize”) their customers’ social media experiences via DM and livechat, as well as via chatbot.

Similar to all the best niche ideas, the most popular can already be saturated with wonder brands. Like the fashion niche, music industry, or beauty brand you can create unique and original content to stand out. You can use social proof to build trust and show you are a successful business. Demonstrating real success can help you thrive and grow your account.

Depending on how well it performs, it could be worth expanding your use of video in future campaigns. For example, if you’re in the retail business and someone posts a photo of themselves wearing your clothing, that’s a great testament to how good your product is. When other followers see this, they might be more inclined to buy from you because they see someone who isn’t affiliated with your brand recommending it. It’s no secret that Instagram operates on a pay-to-play model, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on organic growth tactics. The best growth strategies will employ both organic and paid tactics. Implementing a solid content strategy, doing proper hashtag research, and writing copy that encourages engagement are imperative to any organic strategy.

The next stage of evolution for social platforms is becoming retail platforms. Shoppable posts or Instagram Storefronts social commerce will be everywhere in 2022. The goal for brands and marketers is to create a unified and seamless shopping experience for their customers. As per social media statistics 2020, each user has around 8.4 accounts.

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