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Tyron Scott : Man, 24, is arrested after two missing girls are ‘found in his apartment with nothing but a mattress, roaches, Plan B and condom wrappers’ – after missing boy escaped and raised alarm Wiki, Bio, Charged

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A Pennsylvania man was charged with endangering a minor after multiple minors were found in a room in his apartment that contained nothing but a mattress, cockroaches, Plan B and condom wrappers, police said.

At least three minors were discovered after police went looking for a missing boy who later said he was “attacked and forced to strip,” according to authorities.

Tyron Scott, 24, of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, has been charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of children, one count of recklessly endangering another person, and one count of corruption of minors. after at least three minors were found. at his house on Center Street.

Wilkinsburg police arrived at Scott’s residence after responding to a request from Pittsburgh police about a missing child allegedly being held against his will at Scott’s address.

When authorities arrived, they found minors hiding in the house, including two minors. Police also came across Scott and his daughter. The suspect told police that two other minors had escaped. It is not known exactly how many minors were in the household or how old they are.

The missing child, who was neither named nor given his age, had finally escaped from the home before the police arrived and was later found at a local Save A Lot supermarket, approximately two minutes away.

He told authorities that he was ‘assaulted’ by minors he did not know, forced to take off his clothes, sprayed his face with cologne and forced to drink unknown liquids.

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Quick Facts

  • Tyron Scott, 24, of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, has been charged with four counts of child endangerment after several minors were found in his home 
  • Police found the minors after responding to a request about a missing boy in Pittsburgh 
  • The boy’s brother tipped off police after seeing a video of his brother being attacked on Facebook 
  • Boy told police in a Save A Lot parking lot that he had been ‘jumped’ and forced to strip, sprayed in the face with cologne and forced to drink unknown fluids 
  • When police arrived at Scott’s residence, they found two other minors in a room with only a mattress, Plan B, and condom wrappers 
  • The two girls, who gave police false names, were discovered to be reported missing in McKeesport and Pittsburgh
  • Police also encountered Scott and his daughter
  • Scott reportedly told police that at least two other minors ran away
  • Scott is currently in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing for endangering at least three minors 
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