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Wayne Peiffer 48 : New York police officer among six charged for running prostitution ring that trafficked young women and minors from Mexico Wiki, Bio, Charged, Police Officer, arrested

Wayne Peiffer

Wayne Peiffer Wiki

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Who is Wayne Peiffer?

A New York police officer was arrested Tuesday for allegedly protecting a s*x trafficking in exchange ring for s*xual acts.

Putnam County Police Officer Wayne Peiffer, 48, is among five people facing federal charges including conspiracy to transport minors and transport of minors, s*x trafficking, prostitution.

Attorney for the Eastern District of New York

Breon Peace, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said Peiffer, a member of the Village of Brewster Police Department since 2006, “traded that honr of his plaque and oath for free s*xual services.”

Prosecutors said Peiffer provided protection to the Cid-Hernández S*x Trafficking Organization and the Godinez Prostitution Business, which had operated in Queens since 2002.

Members of the organization, which has been operating since at least 2002, lured women and girls across the border under the false pretense of a better life before forcing them into prostitution in various locations, including Queens and the northern suburb of Brewster. prosecutors said.


For the past eight years, Peiffer has been charged with protecting the organization from arrests, in part by giving them advance warning about law enforcement operations, according to prosecutors.

Court documents say the evidence against Peiffer includes hundreds of text messages exchanged with one of the accused s*x traffickers.

New York cop among charged for running prostitution ring that trafficked women and girls from Mexico | Daily Mail Online

In one, Peiffer asks about the physical characteristics of a young woman and adds: “Will you stop at the station?”

A federal official says Peiffer was “complicit in these deplorable acts” against vulnerable women.

The federal prosecutor says that young women victims of this crime are offered help and support.

One of the Queens-based suspects in the alleged network was not arrested Tuesday and is being labeled a fugitive.

Peiffer was released on $300,000 bond.

Quick Facts

  • Putnam County, New York, police officer Wayne Peiffer was arrested Tuesday for his role with s*x trafficking and prostitution rings based out of Queens
  • Peiffer and five members of two criminal organizations were charged with conspiracy to transport minors and the transportation of minors
  • Each of the defendants also face s*x trafficking, prostitution and bribery charges 
  • The rings lured its victims by smuggling them from Mexico and promising good paying jobs in the United States
  • However, they were forced into prostitution acts throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut 
  • Peiffer had been involved with the two rings for eight years, providing them protection from law enforcement investigations and arrest 
  • In exchange, the rings rewarded Peiffer with young women he had s*x with, including some who were taken to the police station


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