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What is the Difference Between Rugby Union and American Football?

Labour Day in September is a big day for Canadian fans to watch football, and many games are scheduled for this day. The CFL regular season begins in June and ends in early November. Playoffs occur during November and the championship game—the Grey Cup—is played on the last Sunday in November. If the game is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the teams will play an overtime quarter to decide who will win.

The goalposts are about the same size, although they are wider at some lower levels of American football. Rugby goalposts are H-shaped, with a crossbar 9.8 feet off the ground and the uprights 18.4 feet (5.6 m) apart. Football goalposts can be H-shaped but often have a single post in the middle on the bottom, with the two uprights rising from the crossbar. The crossbar is 10 feet (3.05 m) off the ground, and the uprights are either 18.5 feet (5.64 m) or 23.33 (7.11 m) apart. In rugby, the goalposts are on each goal line, or try-line, but in football, they are at the back of each end zone.

Washington, a running back/kick returner who played at roughly the same size as Wade, played for four NFL teams over nine seasons. Rugby union, Wade’s game growing up in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, with 15 players and unlimited downs, is more strategic. The oval ball shape and field markings are subtly different, too. Wade wasn’t initially interested in rugby, but since it was the primary sport of his Royal Grammar School he gave it a try at 12 years old.

A back plays behind the forward and is skilled in passing, kicking and catching. Scoring is the same in both unions and leagues, but the amount of points each score is worth is different. For example, a try in a union is worth five points and a conversion can add an extra two. In leagues, tries are worth four points and it can be supplemented for two more with a converting kick.

Considering how similar they are, you may wonder if a rugby game lasts as long as an American football game. Rugby is a sport primarily played in Europe and Australia, but it has a passionate following across the world. Rugby League allows 3 more substitutions than Rugby Union over the course of the game. So, in a game where the full number of substitutions are used, 46 players can compete in a Rugby League game but only 44 in a Rugby Union game.

The game field is rectangular with goalposts at each end of the team base. Rugby union gained a codified set of rules some two years before American football, in 1871 as opposed to 1873, but those rules bore little resemblance to modern rugby rules. American football, meanwhile, developed at a more rapid pace and by just after 1900 had already established a set of laws and rules broadly similar to those applied to theNFLand college football today. Read more about buy followers instagram here. Through the 1880s, too, he was central to other changes, such as refining points scoring and legalising blocking.

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