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Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and Your Account Isn’t Growing

I used to average 150 likes per post, now I’m lucky to get 10. I post a minimum of 5 times a day, and people always comment on how informative and helpful my content is. However, I will not devalue or sacrifice my self respect for extra likes/followers.

So the key point here is to keep a frequent—but socially acceptable—level of interaction going. When brands are looking to work with influencers, they want to know that their marketing budget is well-used. What brands really look at is how well your audience is engaged, no matter the follower count because that means more product awareness, and potential sales, for them.

When you show up with a degree of sameness, your followers come to depend on you. This URL is the only clickable link that you’ll be able to provide on Instagram. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, the process will be simple and straightforward during the signup process. This type of content is especially powerful if your goal is to show off your company culture. Giving people a behind-the-scenes look at your team, their work processes, and how they interact with each other is digital gold.

I seriously don’t care to see all the people who read your book, are doing your fitness challenge, etc. I’m following because the IG’r had something of interest to me. There are apps that track your followers so this method is no longer a secret.

If I click on followers in Instagram app it shows all the followers their only, but it’s just the count it is showing zero . Should I be afraid that I will loos all the followers or its just a glitch for sometime. My real life friends are no longer seeing my posts, I only have 130 followers and I’m still getting the same amount of likes but they’re mostly strangers.

If you want to use hashtags to win followers, use this theory to inform your hashtag choices. For example, don’t post a photo of your café’s Sunday brunch special and use #yoga just because it’s popular. People searching #yoga on Instagram aren’t going to follow your café. There’s more depth to Instagram than initially meets the eye. With the right approach, you can tap into your expertise and deliver educational content that makes your brand’s profile worthy of followers.

All of our tips require dedication and hard work to lead to results. Imagine if you only had $2,000 and right in front of you are two Instagram profiles. You only have two seconds to decide on who you want to invest your $2,000 with. For a very long time, I had the content creation hat on, but I didn’t have the CEO hat on. At the end of the day, a customer is not crazy about your eight sessions or 90 minutes Zoom calls. Your offer is the specific solution that you have that can solve someone else’s specific problem.

Your Instagram profile is a great way to build your brand, and you can also encourage your followers to engage with you outside of social media. Make sure to follow and engage with influencers, too. Read more about buy tiktok followers instantly here. This doesn’t just mean liking their posts; it means leaving thoughtful comments and truly adding to the conversation. By aligning yourself with similar influencers, you’ll stay updated on what’s going on in your niche and better promote your Instagram account.

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