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Who was Zaheid Ali ? Boy, 13, caught school bus with friends minutes before walking along Tower Bridge, climbing over barrier and ‘jumping’ into the Thames) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Missing, Family, Facebook, Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Zaheid Ali

Zaheid Ali Wiki

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Who was Zaheid Ali ?

A London schoolboy climbed over a barrier on Tower Bridge before jumping into the River Thames in front of a horrified audience, according to an investigation.

Zaheid Ali was found dead eight days after jumping into the river on April 20 earlier this year.

Members of the public desperately tried to intervene and retrieve the teenager, but were only able to retrieve his jacket and school bag from him.

An investigation into his death was opened Tuesday at the Southwark Coroner’s Court.

How old was Zaheid Ali?

He was 13 years old.


Dr. Julian Morris told the court that Zaheid was initially reported missing after not attending school at Ark Globe Academy in Elephant and Castle on the day of his death.

The teenager had left for school as usual and was riding with a friend on a bus, but stopped at a stop earlier than usual, according to the investigation.

Police evidence indicates that Zaheid was caught on CCTV walking towards Tower Bridge from its south side, before he was seen climbing the barriers and jumping into the River Thames.

Members of the public threw life rings at the schoolboy and even jumped into the river to try and save him, but were unsuccessful.

Cause of Death Zaheid Ali’s

A police helicopter and Navy units also rushed to the scene shortly after, but the search again failed.

Eight days later, on April 28, the police received a report of a body that appeared near the bank of the Thames.

Officers attended and found Zaheid still in his school uniform; he was identified by an Oyster card found on his jacket.

A subsequent autopsy yielded a cause of death from “immersion.”

Dr. Morris confirmed that a full investigation into the boy’s death will take place on a date yet to be determined.

Missing Report of Zaheid Ali

He told the court: “Mr. Ali was reported missing after not attending school on April 20. He was going to school by bus with a friend, got off a stop earlier and headed to Tower Bridge .

He entered the bridge from the south side before they saw him climb over a barrier and jump. Members of the public threw life support rings and jumped into the river, but were unable to retrieve it.

City of London police and a navy unit later witnessed reports of a body recovered on the surface of the south side of the river.

Officers attended and recovered an Oyster card with Zaheid’s name on it. He was also wearing his school uniform when he put it on. ”

The Year 8 student is said to have been traveling with a friend on a bus.

Following the recovery of Zaheid’s body, Ark Globe Academy Executive Director Matt Jones said: “We are very saddened to learn that a body has been found and that the police believe it to be our missing student.

“Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

“As a school community, we are working together to ensure that all of our students are supported during this difficult time.”

A witness, who was working at a construction site in South Bank, described hearing someone “yelling for help.”

She said ‘why isn’t anyone helping him?’ Before launching.

However, the woman was only able to retrieve her backpack and jacket.

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Zaheid Ali Quick and Facts
  • Zaheid Ali died after jumping into the River Thames in central London on April 20
  • CCTV footage showed him walking along Tower Bridge before climbing a barrier 
  • Horrified members of the public desperately tried to intervene and retrieve him
  • His body was recovered close to the shore eight days later in his school uniform 
  • An inquest was opened into his death at Southwark Coroner’s Court on Tuesday
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